James Buckley Posts Emotional Apology After Inbetweeners Reunion Gets Savaged

James Buckley apologises for inbetweeners reunionChannel 4

Any reunion has a certain amount of pressure to live up to; whether it’s a high school reunion, a meet-up with family members you haven’t seen for years, or even the Spice Girls touring again for the first time in forever.

Either way, pressure mounts on everyone involved that they’ve got to either be on their best behaviour, or – in the case of more high profile reunions – put on the best possible show for their audience.

Which is perhaps the reason why it is so devastating when something goes wrong, or when the audience doesn’t receive it in the way you’d like, leading us straight to the latest Inbetweeners dilemma.

The beloved main characters of The Inbetweeners – Simon Bird (Will), James Buckley (Jay), Blake Harrison (Neil), and Joe Thomas (Simon) – came together again for a one-off special, Fwends Reunited, to celebrate 10 years since the hilarious comedy first aired.

The build-up to the show, which was hosted by Jimmy Carr, was huge and fans’ expectations were high, which perhaps makes its downfall even more of a blow.

Because since it aired last night (January 1), social media has been awash with viewers complaining about the show and how disappointed they were with it.

While some people thought the reunion would be a brand new show, following the now grown-up cast as they got themselves into even more trouble, it was never packaged as that.

Instead, it was supposed to be a nostalgic reunion whereby Simon, James, Blake, and Joe got together to talk about the show, share stories, and give viewers an insight into what went on behind closed doors.

Which, to be fair, is what they delivered on. But now, faced with criticism from fans and avid watchers of the show, certain members of the cast have felt the need to apologise for doing the show, with James Buckley (who played the notorious liar Jay) saying he feels ‘hated’.

Clearly feeling disappointed by the reaction from the anniversary show, James posted a heartfelt message to his personal Twitter account, apologising to those who felt let down.

He wrote:

Feeling pretty hated right now. Im sorry to anyone who feels let down with last nights show [sic]. Im [sic] especially upset as it really is the fans that made the inbetweeners a success, it certainly wasnt me [sic]. I might do an explanation video on my YT, or might just leave it & move on #sorry

Fans immediately jumped to his defence, telling him to ‘ignore’ those who had thrown criticism his way, while others told him it wasn’t his fault.

Others said the host, Jimmy Carr, had ruined it, while others said all four of the main cast had looked as though they didn’t want to be there.

Regardless of how bad people may have thought the show was it says something that so many were invested in it in the first place and wanted it to do well.

For a show to be 10 years old and still have such a following is quite the achievement.

Well done, guys.

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