James Corden And Ruth Jones Watched Gavin And Stacey Christmas Special Together

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James Corden And Ruth Jones Watched Gavin And Stacey Christmas Special TogetherJKCorden/Twitter/BBC

Oh, what’s occurring? Aside from a Prosecco hangover bigger than the roast you ate yesterday and the fear as to what you might have said over the dinner table, of course.

Well, what’s occurring is that we’re all still reeling after that ending of Gavin and Stacey last night, and we just don’t know what to do about it.


What does it all mean? Will there be another Christmas special next year, picking up from where this one left off? Are we going to get a (much needed) fourth season? And for the love of God, will Smithy say yes?!

nessa proposes to smithyBBC

Regardless of what will happen in the future, what matters for the moment is what happened last night. And that involves the very two people at the centre of all this drama, James Corden and Ruth Jones.

The two actors, who co-wrote the series, were so excited to watch their creation on the big day that they watched the Christmas special together – hopefully with an omelette or two, y’know, just for tradition.


Taking to Twitter just before the hour-long episode was due to air, Corden posted a picture of the himself and Ruth Jones embracing in front of a Christmas tree.

He wrote:

We had to be together to watch it go out tonight! Gavin and Stacey is a show about friendship and family. Tonight’s show has been a labour of love from start to finish and we hope you enjoy it. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Happy Christmas from us both #GavinandStacey


And a happy Christmas to both of you, but only if you return for a fourth series… Something that might well be a possibility, as viewers are convinced the cliffhanger they left us on might have opened the door for exactly that.

Why? Because (SPOILER ALERT!) the hour-long episode ended with Nessa proposing to Smithy, after his awful new girlfriend Sonia (played by Laura Aikman) made a swift exit from Gwen’s – but not before humiliating Smithy in front of everyone by calling him fat, though.

Standing outside, Nessa says to her old flame: ‘You know you’re alright as you are don’t you, Smithy. I won’t lie you’re not everyone’s cup of tea but at the end of the day when all said and done, you’re tidy.’

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When Smithy, the father of her child, thanks her, Nessa continues: ‘I means it. And I knows it’s been complicated – you and me, all this like. But I loves it and if truth be told I loves you.’

She then reiterates, after Smithy casually replies, ‘yeah I know’:

No Smithy you’re not listening. I knows it’s weird alright, but I do. I loves you. With all my heart. So… Will you marry me?

Ness then asks him again, after Smithy simply asks: ‘What?’ – leaving all of us to shout at our TV’s urging him to SAY YES GOD DAMMIT. But alas, it wasn’t to be as the credits started rolling pretty much straight away.


So, what will happen now?

Nobody knows, but for now we’ll just have to comfort ourselves with the knowledge that we can eat all the leftovers we like today with no consequences – because calories don’t count at Christmas!

Ho ho ho.

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