James Corden Delivered Pizza To A Birthday Party And Sh*t Got Wild

The Late Late Show With James Corden/CBS

Pizza fans got more than they bargained for after a surprise game of ‘mystery box pizza’ with The Late Late Show host James Corden and rom-com royalty Seth Rogen.

Patrons of ‘Prime Pizza’ expected to enjoy a piping hot slice of their favourite pie, but instead found the comedy duo on their doorstep posing a highly unusual challenge.

You can watch the madness unfold in the following clip:

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A dilemma for the modern age, they could either stick with their deep cheese feast or turn it down in favour of a ‘mystery box pizza’. Naturally, curiosity overwhelmed the desire for greasy goodness and hilarity ensued.

Two ladies made the gamble only to receive a rather disappointing box full of runny tomato sauce. Other pizza lovers were luckier, enjoying a wrestling match between Corden and Hollywood megastar Dominic Cooper and even an impromptu ‘Instagram party’.

You can experience Corden and Rogen partying it up with amused fans in the below clip: 

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We love how Corden and Rogen can liven up an ordinary Saturday night, bringing a winning combo of carbs and laughter.

Another slice from this duo please!

Julia Banim

Julia Banim

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