James Corden’s Appearance In The Upcoming Cinderella Musical Has Everyone Making The Same Joke

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James Corden's Appearance In The Upcoming Cinderella Musical Has Everyone Making The Same JokeAmazon Prime Video/PA Images

A new Cinderella musical is set to arrive on Amazon Prime, but many people are joking about James Corden’s appearance. 

As an actor, James Corden has managed to appear in a variety of movies. With that in mind, it was hardly surprising to see him included in the all-star cast of the upcoming Cinderella. Corden is set to star alongside Camila Cabello, Pierce Brosnan and Idina Menzel.


Check out the trailer for Cinderella:

While many would be pleased with the talented cast and the off-beat take on the classic story, a lot of people have joked about Corden’s frequent appearances in musicals.

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Given that Corden has starred in musicals like Cats, Prom and Into The Woods in recent years, it’s unsurprising that people have noticed a trend. Moreover, it seems that Corden has been typecast as comic relief in the vast majority of his films.

This looks to be the case again in the trailer, as a mouse transforms into Corden before the actor falls over because he no longer has a tail to help him balance.


Corden has also acted as a producer for this project. The film will also see Kay Cannon, known for her writing work on New Girl and Pitch Perfect, direct.

This new role also marks the second time this year that Corden has starred as a talking animal. Corden may soon be typecast in roles that require voicing small furry mammals.

Cinderella is available on Amazon Prime on September 3.

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