Jeff Goldblum Recreates Famous Jurassic Park Shot 27 Years Later

by : Emily Brown on : 10 Oct 2020 10:39
Jeff Goldblum Recreates Famous Jurassic Park Shot 27 Years LaterUniversal Pictures/Jeff Goldblum/Instagram

Celebrities have been doing all sorts of things to encourage US citizens to vote recently, but few have been quite as brilliant as Jeff Goldblum’s promise to recreate an iconic shot from Jurassic Park

The 67-year-old actor took to Instagram towards the end of last month to share a post in which he asked people to register to vote, check their registration status or request a mail-in ballot using the link in his bio.


If 1,000 people followed his instructions he promised to ‘recreate a classic Dr. Ian Malcolm moment’ from the original Jurassic Park movie, released in 1993.

Goldblum didn’t reveal exactly what the moment would be, but Jurassic Park fans will know that one particularly unforgettable Dr. Malcolm scene is when Goldblum’s character is seen reclining with his shirt flung open, with a glistening sheen of sweat covering his face and chest.

So, when it came to temporarily bringing his character back to life for the entertainment of fans, that moment was really the only one Goldblum could choose.

jeff goldblum in jurassic parkUniversal Pictures

Staying true to his word, this week the actor uploaded his recreation to Instagram and proved that even after 27 years he still knows how to pull off the iconic look.

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Goldblum dressed in what appears to be black leather trousers and a black shirt, which he’d left open to reveal his chest. Adopting the same reclining position as Dr. Malcom, he gazed off into the distance to complete the look.


Alongside the image, Goldblum wrote:

WOW! Thank you to everyone who used my @HeadCount page to make sure that you’re #GoodToVote! Nearly 3,000 of you are ready for this November’s election. Here’s your reward… how time flies.

Though it’s been a while since the actor last had to create that particular look, he’s had practice at returning to the role of Dr. Malcom, as he’s currently in the process of filming Jurassic World 3 alongside his original co-stars Sam Neill and Laura Dern.


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