Jennifer Aniston Hints Friends Reunion Is On The Cards

by : UNILAD on : 01 Feb 2018 19:41
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Since Friends aired all that time ago, few shows have been able to reach the lofty heights of cultural phenomenon.


The iconic theme tune, the distinctive apartments, and the quotable lines from hilarious characters all made for an incredibly popular show which fans still love to this day.

But since the keys were left on the side in Monica and Chandler’s apartment, we’ve had little knowledge about what happened to the group of New Yorkers in the next stage of their lives.

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Joey aside, we don’t really know what happened to any of them, and fans just can’t handle not knowing.


There have been calls for a Friends reunion since the show ended, but they have always been met with some sort of put-down or non-committal response from one of the actors.

But finally, on Ellen, we have a shred of hope at a return to Central Perk, from Rachel herself – Jennifer Aniston.

Ellen reminded her that the actors should do a Friends reunion (probably something which Aniston and her co-stars hear every day).

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When asked whether the reunion was ‘even in the realm of possibility’, Aniston said:

Anything is a possibility. I mean, George Clooney got married.

Boom. That’s it right there. Basically confirmed, you can take that to the bank.

In the meantime, we have to deal with bingeing the show again for the millionth time, now it’s been added to Netflix.

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Not everyone has been so happy to see Friends come to the streaming service, however, and many people were quick to be offended by the decade-defining show.

Others jumped to the show’s defence, saying the show is a product of its time, arguing that we can’t levy the same cultural sensitivities to a show which aired before the progressive times we live in today.

@kirinokousakas summed this up perfectly on Twitter writing:

Friends is a product of its time. Of course it’s not going to be politically correct like something released in 2018.

Complaining about how xphobic and problematic it is is beating a dead horse.

Netflix saw what millennials were tweeting about the show and so decided to respond to them in the most fantastic way.

The streaming service took to Twitter and decided to reimagine the show’s plot-lines giving it a 2018 twist that perfectly trolls millennials.

They wrote:


-Joey eats Tide pods, goes to hospital (guest star Ellen Pompeo)
-Chandler won’t shut up about how funny his Vines were
-Ed Sheeran cameo interrupts Phoebe’s Central Perk set
-Ross gets everyone into Bitcoin
-The One Where The Gang Realises Their Privilege


Personally, I’d love to see the episode where Ross gets into Bitcoin, I can think of no more perfect example of what Ross would do in the modern day.

Can we please just make this happen, already? We know it’s a cynical cash grab and will be ultimately underwhelming, but we just don’t care.

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