Jennifer Aniston’s Best Mate Absolutely Destroys Angelina Jolie In Divorce Rant

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Even though no one asked her to, Chelsea Handler has now given her ten cents on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, labelling the actress a ‘fucking lunatic’.

Speaking on her Netflix show, the 41-year-old comedian gave her opinion on the allegations that Pitt’s drinking and weed smoking played a role in the break down of the marriage, reports The Independent.

A source close to the couple has strenuously denied the allegations, saying the claims were ‘baseless’ but that didn’t seem to bother Chelsea.

She said:

I wonder why he needed to self-medicate?

Maybe because he could have been spending the last 12 years at Lake Como hanging out with George Clooney and Matt Damon instead of being stuck in a house with 85 kids speaking 15 different languages.

Oh yeah, because he married a fucking lunatic, that’s why. But we should all respect their privacy during this very difficult time so this will be the last time I speak of this… on TV. You can follow me on Twitter.

But this is not the first time Chelsea – a good friend of Brad Pitt’s other ex, Jennifer Aniston – has aimed both barrels at Jolie.

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In 2011, she branded her a ‘homewrecker’ during a stand-up show and responded to the backlash saying:

I’ve been making fun of Angelina Jolie since she made out with her brother.

Which is a reference to Jolie kissing her brother James Haven on the lips at the 2000 Academy Awards.

She’s probably not helping anyone here to be honest…