Jeremy Clarkson And James May Host Hilarious Facebook Q&A

by : UNILAD on : 11 May 2016 20:35

After keeping fans on tenterhooks the name of James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond’s new Amazon motor show was finally revealed today.


And having revealed The Grand Tour May and Clarkson took to social media for a Q&A session with soon-to-be viewers.

And the results were pretty damn funny…


Clarkson swatted away criticisms of the name with relative ease.

May had the best response though…

With it also announced the show would be in a tent people were naturally concerned for Jeremy’s well being.


But Jezza was keen to move on from the topic fairly quickly.

Most people just wanted to know if they’d be pitching up anywhere near them…

As you may expect Clarkson isn’t keen on a return to Argentina any time soon!

Clarkson was in no mood to be dicked about with daft questions…

Captain slow was a little more receptive to left-field questions, however.


But he wasn’t giving too many secrets away…

But there is one car manufacturer pretty close to the ex-BBC presenters heart…

May did answer one of the biggest remaining questions -sort of- when will we see the show?

So just five more months-ish to wait.

The concept seems pretty solid, but only time will tell if the show sinks or swims.

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