Jeremy Clarkson’s Massive Crotch Causes Chaos On London Streets


Everyone says Jeremy Clarkson’s got something of a big head but I don’t think anyone meant it this literally. 

Across London today people have spotted a terrifying supersized statue of Jeremy Clarkson’s motoring mug being driven around on the back of a lorry, The Daily Star reports.

Jezza’s not alone though statues of his driving droogs, Richard Hammond and James May, have also been spotted at famous London landmarks including Trafalgar Square and Westminster Palace.

The busts have supposedly already been seen in the U.S. and Australia and it’s suspected (pretty bloody likely) that the statues are a publicity stunt to drum up some hype for The Grand Tour.

People have been split on the statues with one witness, Craig Stewart, telling the Standard he was delighted to see the statues and how he took a picture for his son who’s a massive fan.

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Meanwhile Ellie Wyant was less enthused asking if there’s anything worse than being stuck in traffic with Jeremy Clarkson’s smug face staring at you.

The trio’s heads aren’t their only parts currently on a grand tour, Clarkson’s crotch and shoulders were spotted in London as well.

A giant Clarkson loose in London?

Someone should probably prepare a large lunch immediately and send BBC producers into hiding until he’s gone.