Jeremy Kyle Guest Dragged Away By Security After Getting Violent


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The Jeremy Kyle Show is never short of drama between people you struggle to believe actually still exist in the world and this episode was no different.

Things got so heated in this particular story that a guest had to be dragged out by Jeremy’s security after he threatened to rip someone’s head off.

Last-time-you-refused-to-do-a-lie-detector-this-time-youll-fail-it (1)ITV

This guy, Colin, had to be picked up by security after running after fellow guest Scott shouting: “I’ll rip your fucking head off!” They’re an eloquent bunch.

The drama unfolded during a throwback show revisiting Kyle’s most shocking cases, reports The Mirror.

Apparently this all started in a previous episode when Colin’s daughter, Danielle, had to clear her name with a lie detector.

She had been accused of stealing £900 by her own mum Tracy, but she managed to pass the lie detector and went on to accuse her mums on/off boyfriend Scott.

Last-time-you-refused-to-do-a-lie-detector-this-time-youll-fail-it (2)ITV

So Scott, who refused to come on the first show, had an apparent change of heart and decided to go on another show to clear his name with a lie detector test.

But Colin wasn’t too impressed when Scott decided at the last minute that he couldn’t be asked to do it and wandered off screen backstage.


That’s when it all kicked off. Insults were hurled from all directions, with Scott calling Danielle a ‘dirty old bag’. Charming.

It was probably no surprise to anyone that the results revealed that Scott did indeed steal the cash and of course he denied it quick AF.

Last-time-you-refused-to-do-a-lie-detector-this-time-youll-fail-it (3)ITV

But Danielle wasn’t having any of it, “I knew it you are a dirty little liar! You’re a dirty little skanky liar. No one will want anything to do with you when this goes out,” she said.

Despite Scott’s guilt becoming public knowledge, that still wasn’t enough for Colin who issued more threats: “Can I go after him?” to which Danielle replied: “No you can’t not until we leave the studio.” They clearly have nothing better to do.

Jeremy was having none of it and told them to stop being so stupid and to just get on with their lives.


I’m 99 per cent sure they won’t and they’ll be back on the show in six months time for their next pointless instalment.