Jeremy Kyle Guest Finds Out She Has Two STDs Live On TV

Jeremy Kyle STD reactionITV

It seems The Jeremy Kyle Show has found new angles to keep us even more engrossed in other people’s dramas.

On top of the usual conundrums the show brings, this week, there was an STD reveal.

Unfortunately for the recipient, it was not only one STD though – it turned out to be two.

Check out the big reveal in the video below:

When the results were presented on the show, the audience burst out in laughter.

I can’t think of anything worst than finding out you have chlamydia and gonorrhoea in front of a studio audience who’ve paid money to laugh at your inner turmoil and crisis.

A bit of back story for you, Chantelle was on the show with her sister Lauren, who was keen to find out whether Chantelle was cheating on her boyfriend.

Lauren wanted Chantelle to take a lie detector test, which she refused, but she agreed to take an STI test. She agreed very confidently – proably why the audience found the outcome so funny!

Chantelle's mum Jeremy Kyle STIITV

Jeremy Kyle’s reliable sidekick and therapist, Graham Stanier, revealed she’d tested positive for both sexually transmitted diseases followed by Jeremy’s bellowing voice.

Jeremy screamed:

Safe sex, lady, why do I have to keep going on about this to everybody!

Jeremy asked Chantelle if it was the first time she’d had an STD, and she admitted it wasn’t, saying to the presenter she continued to have unsafe sex because she was seeking affection.

He then shouted at her: ‘sex isn’t affection’, before telling her she needs to ‘raise the bar of how you see yourself’.

The studio audience laughed in disbelief at the fact her results had been read out on camera. Chantelle’s mum was off stage and truly outraged at the audience’s reaction.

She shouted the audience were ‘sick’ for laughing, while viewers at home were in equal hysterics and disbelief.

One Twitter user wrote:

I’m crying this girl on Jeremy Kyle said she’ll do an STI test to prove she’s clean basically comes back she’s got gonorrhoea and chlamydia on national tv LOL [sic]

Another wrote:

Girl on #jeremykyle tried to avoid being outed as a cheat by doing an STI test over a lie detector! She has chlamydia and gonorrhea! Should have just done the lie detector! [sic]

While a third said:

10 o’clock in the morning and someone has gone on Jeremy Kyle to do an STI test and tested positive for ghonorea and the clap! [sic]

One Twitter user commented on the ‘affection’ line, saying:

Girl on Jeremy Kyle saying she’s got STDs cos she wants love and affection, yh I want love and affection BUT IN THE FORM OF A CUDDLE NOT CHLAMYDIA [sic]

So both tests would have revealed she cheated on her boyfriend, but at least if she just did the lie detector, the world wouldn’t know what STDs she was diagnosed with.

Retrospect is a beautiful thing, ey.

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