Jeremy Kyle ‘Poo In The Fridge’ Story Is The Maddest Ever

by : UNILAD on : 04 May 2016 17:07

We generally thought The Jeremy Kyle Show couldn’t stoop any lower, but apparently human-beings like this still exist in the world.


This weeks episode involved voodoo, shit in a fridge and stolen money- it really had it all.


In quite possibly the most bizarre storyline to date, an aunt appeared on the show to accuse her niece of stealing £1,100 and taking a dump in her fridge. I have no words.

Her response? To enchant a voodoo doll and send it to them in the post, of course. You really couldn’t make this shit up.


Jeremy Kyle asked Auntie Eileen: “Is it true you accused Kathleen’s partner of depositing a Richard the Third in your fridge?”

Eloquently put Jeremy. To which Eileen replied (not so eloquently): “No I did not. SHE done it!”

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She went on to say:

She then took pity on me when she saw I was upset and cleaned it out. It was all stuck under her fingernails. It was disgusting.

Jeremy looked on in disbelief, which says a lot really considering the amount of shit he’s seen people do on his programme. He decided to ask the whole family if they had pooed in the fridge, before adding, ‘you’d have to be very accurate.’ True that.


The family all denied it of course, leaving Jez only one other option- impromptu lie detector tests.

If you really want to know who curled one out among Eileen’s perishables (of course you do), the host will reveal all in tomorrow’s episode.

Naturally, the Twittersphere couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing:


What a time to be alive!

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