Jeremy Kyle Show Chaos As Jeremy Just Avoids Serious Injury


What the hell’s going on with Jeremy Kyle? The guy’s attempting piggybacks on security guards and failing BIG TIME.

The infamous chat show host was running after one of his guests on his eponymous ITV morning show when he crashed to the floor, almost breaking his wrist in the doing.

35-year-old John was on the show with fiancée Kelly, who he accused of cheating and how none of their three kids are his.

Kelly then admitted to cheating to John but was confident the children were his own. Of course, a DNA test followed but the revelation was cut short as Kelly NABBED the things and ran off backstage.

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Attempting to stop the truant guest, Jeremy tried to assail security guard Dan only to slip off and risk breaking his bloody spine.

Jezza said:

Sorry Dan, I’m jumping your back! Take me!

He added, following the blunder:

I’ve just broken my wirst! I’ve just fallen off Dan’s back! I’ve just broken my wrist – but it doesn’t matter. I’ve got no voice and a broken wrist!


Anyway, Jeremy eventually got around to revealing the results of the DNA test and found out that John is indeed the biological father of all three of Kelly’s children.

The couple then shared a smooch, made up and decided to go along with their postponed wedding.

And who says romance is dead?