Jeremy Kyle Viewers Cruelly Body Shame Guest For ‘Comedy Eyebrows’

Jeremy Kyle on the Jeremy Kyle ShowITV

Love it or loathe it, ITV‘s The Jeremy Kyle Show can make for some pretty addictive television.

Despite the host sometimes being the centre of attention, it’s almost always the guests who take the limelight, for one reason or another.

Viewers were left reeling this morning, (May 16), as 21-year-old Kia made an appearance to talk about the fact she’d cheated on her boyfriend, Rob, four times:

It was a fairly usual topic of discussion for ol’ Jezza.

However, what fans were most taken aback by though, were Kia’s eyebrows.

In typical fashion, viewers took to Twitter to make their opinions:

Some even made comment about the eyebrows being supposedly drawn on:

Fortunately for Kia though, her 32-year-old boyfriend Rob, is clearly a fan of her brows, and told Jeremy he’s prepared to forgive her indiscretions.

Yet no-nonsense host Jeremy urged Rob to dump her. Once a cheater, always a cheater, apparently.

 He told Rob:

She will do it again pal! I look at the body language, I look at the demeanour… I look at the two of you and it’s a joke!

Kia claimed she cheated on Rob because he’s boring, because their 11 year age gap is a big problem, and because he spends all his time either on his phone, Xbox or out drinking.

Jeremy Kyle Rob told to ditch his cheating girlfriendITV/Jeremy Kyle

It’s not the first time eyebrows have stolen the show on Jeremy Kyle.

Recently, a young woman by the name of Morgan appeared on the famous daytime telly stage, to figure out whether her mum, Louisa, had pinched funeral money for drugs as well as whether she’d slept with her own cousin, Jim.

As distressing and as complicated as this storyline was, viewers were drawn far more towards Morgan’s eyebrows, which many noted looked as if they’d been scribbled on with a Sharpie pen:

Guest Morgan on The Jeremy Kyle Show shamed for eyebrowsTV

The family waited tensely on stage for those ‘all important’ lie detector results, which would show whether or not Louisa stole the £1,000 put aside by her aunt Eliza for her mother’s funeral.

Despite Louisa vowing to have ‘100 per cent’ innocence, the results showed she had indeed taken the money to fund her drug habit – as suspected by Morgan and her auntie – as well as Louisa’s younger sister, Laura.

It was a grim enough affair, but viewers were taking to Twitter to discuss one thing, and one thing alone – her eyebrows.

One person gasped:

The daughters eyebrows are like two caterpillars having a stare off competition!

Another vividly remarked:

Check those f*ckingg eyebrows looks like two slugs racing to get the last bit of steak bake stuck to her gob [sic]

Whatever the reason for their appearance on the show, it’s a sure thing how the guests on Jeremy Kyle always prove to be valuable entertainment.

With, or without their eyebrows being the main focus!

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