Jeremy Kyle Viewers Cruelly Body Shame Guest Over Her Teeth

The Jeremy Kyle Show/ITV

In an extraordinary first for The Jeremy Kyle Show, (cough, cough) producers have showcased a guest with rather unfortunate personal and physical issues. 

The person in question, a woman called Rose, was on the popular ITV daytime show after being accused of smoking crack in the kitchen of her mate Susan’s house. Standard Jezza stuff.

While Rose denied ever touching the drug, her teeth told a different story. I mean, chocolate and cigarettes could’ve played a part, but maybe not this much?

If you want to have a look at the teeth in question, check out the video above, but be warned, it’s a tad grim.

Of course, Rose isn’t the only person to have appeared on the show who’s come under scrutiny for their appearance.

On Wednesday, May 2, another guest came under scrutiny for their gnashers.

A guest called Kyle said his eroding teeth were down to a toothpaste allergy.

He exclaimed:

My teeth are only bad because I’ve got near enough dead teeth!

Another woman, by the name of Morgan, appeared on the show to figure out whether her mum, Louisa, had pinched funeral money for drugs as well as whether she’d slept with her own cousin, Jim.

But of course, the story wasn’t much to do with it. Audiences were more captivated by her eyebrows.

The family waited tensely on stage for those ‘all important’ lie detector results, which would show whether or not Louisa stole the £1,000 put aside by her aunt Eliza for her mother’s funeral.

Jeremy Kyle Viewers 'Feel Sick' Over Guest's 'Horrific' TeethThe Jeremy Kyle Show/ITV

Despite Louisa vowing to have ‘100 per cent’ innocence, the results showed she had indeed taken the money to fund her drug habit, as suspected by Morgan and her auntie – as well as Louisa’s younger sister, Laura.

Louisa also admitted to smoking weed with her daughter which did not sit well at all with Jeremy. After the lie detector results came in, Louisa protested and stormed off-stage while the sickened audience booed her.

When Jeremy asked Morgan ‘What do you think of your mother?’ she simply made a resigned noise of disgust.

Laura appeared horrified by the depths her sister had stooped, screaming expletives and threatening to punch her. At one point a security guard had to wade in to keep the warring sisters apart.

The only person who appeared to be sticking by Louisa was cousin Jim, who Laura claims was caught out in the act of ‘smooching’ her.

Jeremy told Lousia:

The most upsetting thing for me, if I was you, is the way that my daughter would look at me.

She looked at you then as if she wouldn’t be able to trust you if you were the last thing on god’s Earth.

You want to think very long and hard.

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