Jessica From Love Is Blind Regrets Letting Her Dog Drink Wine

by : Emily Brown on : 03 Mar 2020 16:44
Jessica From Love Is Blind Regrets Letting Her Dog Drink WineJessica From Love Is Blind Regrets Letting Her Dog Drink WineNetflix

Love Is Blind contestant Jessica Batten admitted she regretted letting her dog drink wine, as she opened up about the responses she’s had to her appearance on the show. 

The Netflix dating series seems to have taken over the world, or at least my Twitter feed, since it was released last week, as baffled viewers witnessed contestants get engaged without having ever set eyes on each other.


The premise of the show was enough to get people talking, but there was one moment in particular that sparked an angry debate online.

In the sixth episode of Love Is Blind, Jessica could be seen having a serious conversation with her new fiancé, Mark, about their relationship, their 10-year age difference, and what it would mean for their future and kids.

Jessica was drinking red wine at the time, and mid-conversation she casually leaned down to let her golden retriever, Payton, glug some of the alcohol from her glass, while saying: ‘She loves wine’.


Check out the bizarre moment here:


The shocking scene was met with a lot of backlash online. However, despite insisting her pet was a fan of the alcoholic beverage on the show, Jessica has since claimed she’d never let her dog drink it before, and never would again.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jessica commented:

I definitely have never done that before; I won’t do that again. I love my dog more than anything and that was not something I would ever recommend anyone to do.

I think I was just really uncomfortable. I don’t even remember doing it. I don’t know why I did that but it was definitely unnecessary for sure.

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This is my doggy Payton. During the filming of the show in 2018, she ingested a very small piece of a stick. Unfortunately, this little stick lodged into her intestines in the perfect way that the vet had to perform surgery to remove it. While she was opened up on the table, the surgeon called me and told me she wouldn’t make it through since they needed to cut out most of the intestine. She was 5 years old. I was beside myself, devastated and all the while cameras were rolling. Fortunately, she made it through the surgery but they were certain she couldn’t overcome the post trauma. Every night after working and filming my struggles with whether love was blind or not, I would go lay with her in the ICU cage and every night I thought would be the last time I would see my pretty girl. This went on for ten days. The first picture is from a couple of weeks ago. My doggy Payton is resilient. Not only did she survive but she is thriving – happy and healthy and loving. She has taught me this very important thing about life…it is fleeting and even when circumstances seem overwhelming, we can overcome. ***Special shout out to the amazing and bad ass women vets at Blue Pearl for saving my baby – against all odds! First 📸 shot by @reignstudio_cp. #paytonhester #lifelessons #lifeisfleeting #surviveandthrive #overcoming #goldensofinstagram #unconditionallove #loveisblindnetflix

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Jessica opened up further about drinking in general, explaining she ‘overdrank’ a few times on the show when she was uncomfortable. She believes alcohol is sometimes used on reality shows to catch the moments contestants ‘loosen up’, and in hindsight she admitted that, if she could do ‘anything differently’, it would be to drink less.

Jessica found herself receiving a lot of hate online after the show debuted, though she believes the comments have become less negative as viewers watched more of the show, and got to see more of her.

She explained:


I was on a plane when a lot of people started watching it. I landed and got some really negative comments on Instagram and it was just a shock.

It was the first time I had really ever experienced anything like that. Initially, I had a lot of negativity and hatred. But honestly it’s gotten a bit better as of late.

Hopefully Jessica will be sure not to give her dog alcohol in the future – no matter how much the pup might love it.

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