Jim Halpert Savagely Trolled Pam By Inviting Roy To The Stanley Cup Final

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Six years after The Office (US) came to an end, Jim and Pam’s relationship has moved from workplace banter to playful online trolling – but Big Tuna just kicked things up a notch by getting Pam’s ex Roy involved. 

Of course, Jim and Pam aren’t actually real people but John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer still appear to have a great relationship even off-screen, so that’s good enough for me.


The pair started targeting each other on social media a few days ago when they realised their favourite hockey teams — the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues – would be going head to head in the Stanley Cup.

Take a look at how Krasinski trolled Fischer here:

Just to be clear, the Stanley Cup isn’t a workplace competition like the Office Olympics, it’s a legitimate tournament in the National Hockey League. No relation to Stanley Hudson.


Last week, Fischer tweeted her former co-star to tease him about how her team, the St. Louis Blues, were going to take the win.

She wrote:

Uh [email protected] Looks like Pam might be going home with Stanley. Who would have guessed! #StanleyCup #LetsGoBlues

Much to the delight of Office fans everywhere, the A Quiet Place star was all too happy to get competitive, responding:


Wow… this is how you wanna play this Fischer?… ok. Game ON! #BruinsIn7 #StanleyCup

The rivalry continued from there, with Fischer telling NBC it was her turn for a win:


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Even Michael Scott, aka Steve Carell, got involved in the banter. The character always made his love for Jim and Pam clear and so it was probably a tough choice when it came to picking sides but he decided to stand with his favourite salesman.

No words were needed as the actor shared a picture of himself wearing a Boston Bruins hat:

After all the back and forth, things came to a head last night when Krasinski shared the video of himself sitting alongside David Denman, who played Pam’s unappreciative fiance in the early seasons of The Office. 


He explained he was sad she couldn’t make it to the game and even said he’d saved a seat for her, however he obviously managed to find someone else to go with as Denman soon came into the shot, handing his former co-star a beer and giving Fischer an icy greeting through the camera.

Krasinski ended the video with a classic smug ‘Jim face’ and Fischer was quick to respond with an Office reference:

However, despite Krasinski’s smugness, Fischer really did manage to take the win this time as her team took home The Stanley Cup in game seven.

The actor celebrated the news but hasn’t, as of yet, bragged to Krasinski about it:

Hopefully the Jack Ryan star will be a gracious loser and their friendship will remain as strong as ever!


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