Jim Parsons’ Reply To Shirtless Kaley Cuoco Pic Is Brilliant


Jim Parsons has left a witty comment on Kaley Cuoco’s latest Instagram picture.

Parsons being Sheldon Cooper, of course, and Cuoco being Penny, the not-so-good friends on hit US comedy The Big Bang Theory.

On the sitcom their relationship hasn’t been the greatest, Sheldon’s introverted and anal personality contrasting Penny’s happy-go-lucky one.

It seems the two enjoy taking that awkwardness off-screen as well.

Atomic Blonde ?

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In a new Instagram upload, Kaley Cuoco shared a black and white image of her posing in a bra and jacket.

Jim Parsons

Parsons commented, among the rest of her followers:

Where is your shirt, missy?!?

Kaley Cuoco hit the public eye back in 2002 when she appeared on 8 Simple Rules.

She is now earning $1 million per episode as one of the leads on The Big Bang Theory.