Jimmy Carr Takes Hilarious Dig At Size Of Man’s Penis

by : UNILAD on : 01 Jun 2017 17:09
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Jimmy Carr isn’t exactly known for holding back and his dig at the size of this guy’s penis is savage.


The comedian was ruthless on his show on Wednesday night – as if we’d expect anything less – but you’d perhaps think he’d tone down a little on the dick ribbing jokes for the sake of another man’s pride.

But then again, I guess anything is fair game if you’re on a TV show – called Your Face Or Mine? –  which essentially revolves around a person and their partner rating each other, purely on their looks. Nice.

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Ben and Stephanie rocked up to get ruined by Carr as this week’s couple – and he certainly didn’t disappoint.


Once the pair were seated on his big, red sofa, Carr’s co-host and fellow comedian Katherine Ryan quizzed the pair on how they met and any special talents they possess.

First up was Stephanie’s pole fitness pics – displaying her in a pretty impressive position while mastering a manoeuvre.

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Quickly afterwards – and for seemingly no real apparent reason – up popped an image of Ben and his speedo-clad mates, and it was at this point Jimmy couldn’t resist stepping in.

The image showed a group of guys wearing various printed swimming trunks, but it was what was going on beneath their pants that seemed to capture Jimmy’s attention.

He quipped:

All the other guys seem to have filled their shorts.

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Gutted. Perhaps he misheard him or maybe he just wanted to move swiftly on from that cutting blow, but Ben responded by lining himself up nicely for more of Jimmy’s barbs and ended up body-shaming himself.

He retorted with:

I’m in the worst shape out of my friends.

Katherine tried to salvage the quickly plummeting situation by brushing things aside and focusing on Ben’s facial hair instead, which was probably a good shout, but the damage was already done.

Oh Jimmy.Hopefully Ben will recover from that one, although I’m not sure anyone will ever let him live the ‘tiger pants’ down…

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YouTube/Comedy Central
  1. YouTube/Comedy Central

    "All The Other Guys Seem To Have Filled Their Shorts" - Your Face Or Mine