Jimmy Fallon Throws Up Live On Air After Drinking Game With Ryan Reynolds

Jimmy Fallon throws up after playing Drinko.NBC

Anyone who has ever attended a university freshers week can relate to Jimmy Fallon’s volcanic reaction to Ryan Reynolds’ drinking game ‘Drinko’.

The Deadpool actor appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his Aviation gin. However, instead of enjoying a sophisticated beverage together, the pair opted to neck some seriously stomach churning concoctions.

The arguably least gross mixers included the likes of suntan smoothie, mountain dew sludge and melted ice cream. The more nightmarish of the bunch included clam juice, bone broth, bacon, egg and cheese, oh and even blood.

To play the game, Jimmy and Ryan had to combine the mixtures in order to create a ‘brand new cocktail’. The combination was decided at random by dropping discs into the devious Drinko machine.

Prior to the task, both men looked nervous, and Ryan admitted, ‘I’ve got such a weak stomach, I’m not even kidding.’

41-year-old Ryan went first, and ended up with a queasy cocktail of gin, twinkies and grape juice. Before taking a sip, he appeared confident, joking ‘that’s like 90 percent of my child’s diet’.

However, after trying the sickly combo – which he christened the ‘Ruth Bader Gin-sberg’ – Ryan grimly admitted, ‘I would rather drink spinal fluid than that.’

Jimmy Fallon plays drinking game with Ryan Reynolds.NBC

It was then Jimmy’s turn, and his cocktail was even worse. Poor Jimmy paled after he ended up with gruesome mix of twinkies and horseradish to add to his gin, despite hopeful pleas for melted ice cream.

The audience groaned in sympathy as Ryan poured out the cocktail for Fallon. An anxious looking Jimmy picked up a bucket in anticipation, as a gleeful Ryan joked it was going to be ‘incredible’.

Taking a look at the drink before him, Jimmy already appeared like he was going to wretch; coughing and walking away with pure disgust.

However, after some encouragement from Ryan and the robotic voice of Drinko, Jimmy slurped the repulsive cocktail down before spewing up in the bucket and collapsing to the stage floor.

Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon play DrinkoNBC

After helping the host to his feet, Ryan looked at the contents of the bucket, quipping, ‘look at that, you barfed up your whole childhood. Is that the first time you’ve ever barfed on your own show?’

Surprisingly, Jimmy replied that it wasn’t and they both headed over to the Drinko machine for the third challenge.

This time, Ryan had to drink down a shudder-inducing gin cocktail of grape soda, blood and kombucha, bone broth and bacon, egg and cheese.

Ryan chuckled, ‘let’s go all in’ as he gamely mixed the ingredients together. However, a nauseous Fallon could barely look at the resulting brew.

Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Reynolds play Drinko together.NBC

To the gasps of the audience, Ryan chucked the lot down the hatch in one foul mouthful, before necking a hearty amount of pure gin.

Meanwhile, Jimmy covered his face with his hands and looked away; as if trying to keep down whatever small amount was left in his stomach.

I have a sneaking suspicion you won’t be seeing any of these cocktails in your favourite bar any time soon…

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