Jimmy Kimmel Asks People To Review Fake Movies, They Don’t Disappoint

by : UNILAD on : 27 Feb 2016 13:23

It’s officially Academy Awards season, which means you’ll be hearing about a lot of Oscar nominated movies which you’ve never seen and have no intention of ever watching.


The 88th Academy Awards take place on Sunday and Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to take full advantage of that by hitting the streets and grilling passers-by on their knowledge of some of the nominees.

There’s just one catch – the film moments the interviewer asks the unsuspecting people about are completely absurd and totally made up.

Check it out:


It all goes to show just how much people are willing to bullshit about their film knowledge in order to gain cool points when there’s a microphone and a camera pushed in their face.

From Kevin James’ lead performance in Citizen Kane 2 to Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘unpredictable yet very moving’ appearance in 19-Year-Old Mother of Four, everyone seemed to enjoy some of the totally legit films coming out of Hollywood this year.

To be fair though, we really could believe that Channing Tatum had starred in a family movie called Koala Cop this year.

It’s probably only a matter of time now until that one becomes a reality, actually…

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