Jimmy Kimmel Creates Hilarious ‘Anti-Vaxxer Barbie’

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Jimmy Kimmel Creates Hilarious 'Anti-Vaxxer Barbie'Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Jimmy Kimmel mocked anti-vaxxers with the creation of a Barbie doll who ‘doesn’t trust science’.

The television presenter joked about the unfounded beliefs of anti-vaxxers during a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, after the leader of an anti-vaccination organisation claimed that drinking your own urine was a better way of fighting COVID than receiving a jab designed to tackle it.


After laying into anti-vaxxer Christopher Key, Kimmel joked that there was ‘so much stuff you can sell to these anti-vaxxers’, and that Barbie-makers Mattel had capitalised off the non-believers by coming up with a ‘twist on what is probably America’s all-time favourite doll’.

Check it out below:


The show cut away from Kimmel to play a fake advert for the ‘new doll in town’, with who ‘the fun is contagious’.


Dressed in t-shirts that read ‘I call my own shots’ and ‘I am not your lab rat’, the ‘anti-vax’ Barbie is described as ‘strong’, ‘independent’ and someone who ‘doesn’t trust science’. She comes with her own computer to do ‘her own research’ into the vaccines – and no doubt come up with some entirely baseless theories in the process.

Two young children playing with the dolls can be heard mimicking anti-vaxxers as they make the dolls say that ‘Bill Gates is the anti-Christ’ and that ‘vaccines have Satan’s blood’, as well as taking their Barbie on a trip to the supermarket where she informs a masked doll that she has a ‘medical condition’ that prevents her from wearing a covering of her own.

Anti-Vax Barbie in supermarket (Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Drawing on the extreme solutions touted by anti-vaxxers and some of the situations they might find themselves in, the ad also sees the Barbie enjoying some horse medicine and being restrained on a plane where she has presumably once again refused to wear a mask.


The ad explains that the only ‘man-date’ she cares about is with her boyfriend Ken, and that the doll is ‘exclusively available in Florida and Kentucky’. As a final nail in the coffin of anti-vaxxer beliefs, the ad ends with the revelation that a ‘Barbie dream ventilator’ is sold separately, should the doll need it after refusing to receive the vaccine.

Anti-vax barbie restrained on plane (Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube
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Viewers praised Kimmel for the satirical creation of the anti-vax Barbie, with one responding to the video to say the advert was ‘some high, high quality content’.

Another commented, ‘Haha, the freaking barbie commercial cracked me up!!’


I think it’s safe to say that we definitely don’t need any toys inspiring children to take on unfounded beliefs, so while there might be a few people tempted by the thought of the anti-vax Barbie, hopefully the doll will never make it to shelves.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube
  1. Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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