Joey Essex Was Completely Clueless On The Chase And Fans Loved It


Competing on The Chase means going head to head against some of the greatest minds in general knowledge.

Fans of the tense quiz show know it’s always best to dust off your encyclopaedia before facing the wrath of The Governor or The Beast.

Or, you know, maybe just watch a couple of episodes of the show to get to grips with the basic format. However, ditsy reality star Joey Essex really didn’t get the memo on this one…

You can watch a clip of Joey’s hilarious appearance below:

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The endearing telly personality had never seen the show before, and naively believed he could get by without swotting up.

By his own admission, Joey admitted he had ‘no idea what’s going on’.

The 27-year-old also revealed his questionable preparation strategy:

I don’t think it’s best to revise. I like to come with a blank canvas.

Joey appeared on a celebrity version of the quiz show, alongside other celebs such as Mark Billingham, Aldo Zilli and Lucy Pargeter.

He managed to get a respectable £3,000 during the cash-builder round – despite having answered ‘I don’t know’ to a series of questions. However, he was in two minds when working out how much money to go for.

Anne Hegerty – aka The Governor – offered him £1,000 for more lives, and a humongous £100,000 if he was feeling lucky. Brimming with confidence, Joey went for the big money.

People were surprised by Joey’s risky move, however to be fair on him, things started out pretty well.

The first question was: Nyotaimori is the Japanese practice of serving sushi laid out on what?

Joey correctly answered ‘a woman’ based on a ‘33% guess’, and it looked like he could well be entering the final chase.

However, Joey luck ran out when he became stumped on some questions, with a guess of any percentage to fall back on.

When puzzling over the question ‘What is a sleeping bag with a hood called?’ Joey incorrectly answered ‘baby bag’ rather than ‘mummy bag’.

He became stuck again when grappling with the question ‘In 1792, George III bought what house?’ To be fair on him, this one was tricky if you’re not clued up on your royal palaces.

His winning streak crumbled, despite his best attempts, and The Governor reigned victorious.

Fans were in hysterics watching their favourite Essex boy wracking his brains while becoming increasingly baffled by Bradley Walsh’s questioning.

One person tweeted: ‘I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I absolutely love Joey Essex! He’s like a talking dog… Doesn’t always make a whole lot of sense, but he’s so excitable and very fun to be around!’

Another person said: ‘A real shame that @JoeyEssex_ didn’t get to the final chase, but still he was a joy to watch!’

So what’s next for Joey Essex? Will he be going on Mastermind with TOWIE as his specialist subject?

Will we see him sat between two Balliol College, Oxford students, while bantering with Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge?

After that bold £100,000 move, anything is possible in the Joey Essex Universe.