John Barrowman Sparks Controversy After Publicly Slamming M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Sh*te Movie’

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Jul 2021 12:42
John Barrowman Sparks Controversy After Publicly Slamming M. Night Shyamalan's 'Sh*te Movie'@JohnBarrowman/Twitter/PA

John Barrowman has been slammed after he publicly took aim at M. Night Shyamalan’s new film Old, dubbing it a ‘sh*te movie’. 

Old is the latest mystery thriller from The Sixth Sense and Split director, revolving around an island paradise where people age over the course of a day.


While its box office numbers haven’t been confirmed, it opened to solid domestic previews, with crowds flocking to see the filmmaker’s latest movie. Barrowman was among them, but his criticisms have sparked controversy for being disrespectful.

Check it out:


‘What a waste of money and an utter sh*te movie. We get the metaphors but we still got a refund! We were so disappointed. Don’t waste your time or money going to see it,’ the Doctor Who and Torchwood star wrote.


In the video, alongside his partner Scott Gill, Barrowman appears to boast about getting his money back at the cinema despite the staff saying they normally only allow it within the first 30 minutes. ‘An endurance we’ll never get back, two hours of our life… it was sh*te, don’t bother going to go see it,’ he said.

Most replies have pointed out it’s a really bad look to tag the filmmaker in such mean-spirited criticism. ‘I’ve lost all respect I had for you. This is immature and classless behaviour. And tagging the director? Wow. Awful decision. Unfollowed,’ one user wrote.

‘There are so many things wrong with this way to share your opinion here and now in this way, not least of which is the need for artists to try and support other artists after the 18 months that everyone has battled through. Not classy, not warranted, not helpful, and not good,’ another tweeted.


We recently spoke to Shyamalan about Old, and he told us he doesn’t try to anticipate people’s reactions to the film, he just wants everyone to talk about it. So, I doubt Barrowman’s sentiments will bother him too much. Also, we liked it – don’t listen to Captain Jack.

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