John David Washington’s Dad Made Him Do Chores In Lockdown

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John David Washington's Dad Made Him Do Chores In LockdownPA Images/Warner Bros.

Tenet star John David Washington wasn’t slacking during lockdown. Even famous folks do a ‘chore or two’, especially in Denzel’s house.

The BlacKkKlansman actor is the lead in Christopher Nolan’s new globetrotting, mind-warping ‘inversion’ spy thriller, known only as ‘The Protagonist’.


However, like the rest of us, he was forced to adapt to the current pandemic over the past few months, moving back in with his mum and dad during lockdown. Hollywood credentials be damned, you don’t skimp on chores around Denzel.

Check out Washington’s latest interview below:


During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, with Samuel L. Jackson as guest host, the actor gave a small insight into life in the Washington household.


Jackson asked: ‘When the pandemic was raging, you were back at home… you were in your old room?’ Washington replied, laughing: ‘Yes Uncle Sam, I was in my old room.’

Jackson continued: ‘You’re not a burden on your parents… you’ve got a job and career and stuff. You still had to do chores though, right? I know that Denzel likes some order in the house.’

Samuel L Jackson John David WashingtonABC

Washington, still laughing and a bit embarrassed, explained: ‘I can’t believe we’re doing this right now… yes, there was a chore or two. My chore was to make sure I was down for dinner in time.’


Jackson said: ‘That’s not a chore! A chore is sweeping the driveway, or taking the garbage out. Something legit that earns your keep!’ Washington added: ‘How about cooking? I earned my keep that way.’

TenetWarner Bros.

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Jackson, who’s known Washington since ‘before he could shave’, said: ‘You’re the grill master… you got mad grill skills, I gotta say that.’

Tenet is screening in cinemas now.


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