John Travolta And Samuel L Jackson Weren’t Tarantino’s First Choice Pulp Fiction Leads

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John Travolta And Samuel L Jackson Weren’t Tarantino’s First Choice Pulp Fiction LeadsPictureLux/The Hollywood Archive/BFA/Alamy

It’s hard to imagine Pulp Fiction without John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson, but they weren’t the director’s first choice.

Quentin Tarantino‘s critically acclaimed film could’ve been very different, according to the original cast list.


Travolta starred as Vincent Vega and Jackson as Jules Winnfield in the iconic flick, but Tarantino apparently had other actors in mind, with the pair actually being second choice for the roles.

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Bestselling author Don Winslow took to Twitter to reveal the ‘rough cast list’ for the movie, with Tarantino’s top picks for each character marked by three stars.

Of course, fans were quick to pick up on how different the list was to the final cast.


According to the list, Tarantino wanted Michael Madsen from his previous film Reservoir Dogs, to play Vincent.

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However, Travolta was still considered a ‘strong, strong, strong, second choice’. Meanwhile, Jackson was initially wanted for the role of Marsellus Wallace, who was eventually played by Ving Rhames, with Laurence Fishburne being the first choice for the role of Jules.

Interestingly, Uma Thurman who played the iconic Mia Wallace wasn’t on the list of actors Tarantino noted down for the part.


Fans were also quick to note how many times Gary Oldman featured on the list, with the actor written down for the role of Pumpkin, Vincent and Lance.

One fan commented: ‘Gary Oldman can play ALL the parts’. While another added: ‘man he REALLY wanted to work with Gary Oldman’.

The pair had actually already worked together on True Romance (1993) which was released the year before Pulp Fiction, though we still think Oldman has a shot at Honey Bunny.

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