Johnny Depp Addresses His Bizarre Appearance On Graham Norton


Johnny Depp caused a stir with viewers when he made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show to promote his latest film Murder on the Orient Express.

Depp appeared on the chat show alongside his co-stars, Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh and Josh Gad on Friday night.

People weren’t angry about anything Depp said in particular on the show, it was more his appearance alone which left many taking to social media to complain.

Watch him on the show here:

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In the current climate, as more and more victims of abuse are speaking out about their experience of alleged abuse in Hollywood and in UK parliament, Depp’s appearance felt both inappropriate and disturbing.

Last year the actor’s ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, was granted a restraining order against Depp after stating in her court declaration, ‘during the entirety of [their] relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to [her]’.

Heard claimed the last violent incident took place on May 21, only two days before she filed for divorce and provided the court with two witness accounts and photographs of her battered face as evidence.


Depp denied the claims and instead his lawyers said Heard was attempting ‘to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse’.

In the end, a settlement was reached on August 16 which saw Heard receive $7 million and dismiss the restraining order against Depp.

However it wasn’t just that which had viewers talking.

Some people were left wondering if the actor was under the influence of alcohol following an earlier red carpet premiere for The Murder on the Orient Express in London.

During the show, Depp spoke about a trip he made to Disneyland, dressed as his character Captain Jack Sparrow and pretending to be a statue, telling the audience:

I was very excited to stand rock still and then shout out (in Jack’s voice), ‘Oi, what you lookin’ at?’

I got no reaction whatsoever – nothing! I then had to start describing the people I was shouting at so they knew I was real… it was exhausting and such a bad idea!

Regardless of what he was saying in his interview, viewers instead were accusing him of looking ‘drunk’ or ‘high’.

One social media user said:

Johnny Depp looking stoned on #GrahamNorton show.

Another added:

Johnny Depp appears to have taken ALL the drugs’.

Of course, there were memes doing the rounds online and all sorts:

Others said he looked as though he was having to be held up by security at the premiere.

A source close to the actor hit back at the accusations, speaking exclusively to E! saying:

These reports are completely false. Johnny was not drunk at the premiere. He came straight from set to the premiere.

His security was manoeuvring him around the carpet as he has done for years.