Johnny Knoxville Drops Hints About Future Of Jackass, Says It Isn’t Dead

by : Tom Percival on : 23 Apr 2016 09:52

Despite having been off our screens since Jackass 3D in 2010, the show’s outrageous front-man, Johnny Knoxville, has told fans that Jackass isn’t dead. 


While promoting his latest film, Elvis & Nixon, Johnny spoke to Complex about the possibility of getting more Jackass in the future and the world’s least insurable man kept fan’s hope alive. Just…

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He explained:

We don’t have one planned. But I always write ideas when they come up. I have a movie that I’m prepping right now. It’s not Jackass but all the stunts are done in the vein of. It’s going to be pretty crazy. It’s a scripted film with me doing the stunts.


While speaking on the legacy of the wacky stunt show and the impact it’s had on his career, it’s obvious that Knoxville doesn’t worry about being typecast.

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Johnny said:

You know, if someone has some questions I’ll go in and audition for them and answer any questions… Maybe a little of that goes on. I feel pretty lucky to get the roles offered that I get.

The star then laughed about his body being battered and broken thanks to the show, saying that hurting himself more would be impossible. He joked: ‘It’s already destroyed. I can’t hurt it!’

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If you need some Knoxville action in your life a bit sooner though you can see him in Elvis & Nixon from April 29.

The movie will find the Jackass star right in the middle of one of the weirdest presidential relationships in history, between Elvis Presley and Nixon leading to some bizarre Kung-Fu action, yeah it’s a strange one…

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