Jonah Hill Convinces Fan’s Mum To Let Him Go See His New Movie

by : Lucy Connolly on : 29 Oct 2018 17:54

Any teenager with strict parents will probably, at some point in their lives, have been in the situation where they’ve had to get one of their friends to convince their mum or dad to let them do something.


It might have been a party which their parents had banned them from going to, or a trip to the cinema to see an 18-rated film. Either way, a lot of sweet talking and promises to behave were usually involved.

They probably won’t have contacted a celebrity to talk their parents round, but that’s exactly what one person did over the weekend (October 28) when they messaged Jonah Hill for help in persuading their mum to let them watch his new film.

Hill, as well as his many acting credits in films such as 21 Jump Street, The Wolf Of Wall Street and This Is The End, has recently taken to writing and directing.


His most recent project is Mid90s – a film about a group of skaters growing up in 90s-era LA – and is his first time directing a feature.

It was released on October 26 in the US and has had people talking ever since, especially those who feel a certain kind of nostalgia when watching the film due to their skateboarding roots.

And some people were so desperate to see the film that they went to extreme lengths to do so, in spite of their parents’ wishes.

Hill posted a screenshot of a message exchange yesterday (October 28) in which a fan asked him to call their mum to convince her to let them watch the film.

He replied ‘hell yes!’ to which the person seemingly couldn’t believe their luck, writing ‘are you joking? i really hope you’re not’.

You can take a look at the short exchange below:


Hill captioned the picture:


The picture quickly gained more than 100,000 likes, with his followers calling him ‘dope’ and ‘so cute’ for responding in such a way.

However, he was inundated with questions as to whether he actually did call the fan’s mum, and demanding proof if that was the case.

His followers didn’t have to wait long though, as Hill quickly uploaded a follow-up screenshot of a conversation with the same person:

The caption this time read:

Mission accomplished! #momsgottaknow

Incredible. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation – how did he get her to believe that he was really who he said he was?!

She clearly did though, as Hill asked whether their mum was now going to take them to see the film, to which they replied ‘definitely’.

Like he said, mission accomplished!


And Hill is clearly a family man himself, as he has previously taken his mum as his date to two Oscars ceremonies.

Speaking to CBS News about his decision to take his mum to the awards, he said:

She’s great. I mean, she put up with a tremendous amount, and that is definitely my way of, like, saying thank you.

Before going on to say she kept talking to people he didn’t want her talking to. Classic mum behaviour right there!

Let’s just hope the person enjoyed the film after all that effort!

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