Jordan Belfort Makes Surprising Drug Confession About Leonardo DiCaprio

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One of Leonardo DiCaprio’s most memorable scenes is in Wolf of Wall Street. You know, THAT Lamborghini scene.

It turns out though Oscar-winner Leo had to be taught by the real-life wolf Jordan Belfort how to act like he was on drugs, as he had never taken them before.

The studio used vitamin powder as a substitute for cocaine which the actors inhaled. Jonah Hill snorted so much he ended up in hospital with bronchitis.

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Belfort told The Post:

Leo had never done drugs, so I showed him what it looks and feels like when you are high on quaaludes.

I . . . started crawling around. We were both on the floor, drooling. His father walked into the room and asked us what the f – – k we were doing.

Paramount Pictures

In Belfort’s new book Way of the Wolf, he details his sales success, giving the blueprint that has been previously peddled online for an asking price of $2,000.

Leo referred to the ‘lost Jordan tapes’ of the two of them crawling around on the floor, saying ‘he wasn’t the greatest actor, but he certainly gave me the inspiration’.

Now sober for 20 years and having served 22 months in prison for stock fraud and money laundering, Belfort is now pursuing his ‘redemption’.