Josh Brolin Thinks He Should Get Half Avengers: Endgame Box Office Money

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Josh Brolin’s time as Thanos in Marvel Studios’ Avengers franchise may just have inflated his ego a tad.

Understandable, he gained ultimate power in Avengers: Infinity War, but, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news Mr Brolin, that power wasn’t IRL.

Why let something like reality get in the way of getting paid however? Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 51-year-old actor addressed Endgame’s record breaking success at the box office, and outlined his claim to that sweet dollar.

Check out his interview below:


Kimmel asked ‘how much of that $1.2 billion do you get?’, noting that within the all-star cast Brolin was the only super villain.

Brolin replied:

There’s a whole 50 percent thing too, so the Avengers get 50 percent and I get the other 50 percent.

Maybe I was harsh earlier, Brolin was clearly joking. What did appear less tongue in cheek was his noting how much Kimmel was incessantly clicking in his face.

The snap proved quite the talking point, with the late night host recognising Thanos’ snap as possibly the most famous finger click in history.

Brolin continued:


It was a whole musical before but they cut most of it, I actually go into this whole song and dance thing.

It was brilliant, it was brilliant.

While Avengers:Endgame is unlikely to earn the Thanos actor 50 per cent of the $1.2 billion, let’s face it that number is only going to go up, and so will those sweet sweet royalties.

So the future is looking cash-rich for the whole cast.

Endgame has blown Infinity War out of the water with its takings so far, and has wiped other hit franchises out the record books as easily as Thanos removing Peter Parker, and other heroes I care less about, from the face of the Earth.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was removed from its perch for opening night takings, its paltry $57 million day one ticket sales surpassed by Endgame’s almighty $60 million effort.

Credit where credit is due, Marvel have well and truly changed the game.

You can watch Avengers: Endgame in cinemas now.

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