Journalist Caught Complaining About Job Not Realising He Was Live On Air

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Journalist Caught Complaining About Job Not Realising He Was Live On AirBBC

I’m sure we’ve all had moments where we’ve complained about our job, but this journalist accidentally did it live on air.

BBC News correspondent Dan Johnson was discussing the ongoing turmoil happening in Afghanistan with his colleague Shaun Ley who was in the studio, when he appeared to experience some technical difficulties.


Ley asked Johnson, ‘The events in the last few weeks – in the recent week where you are, have been an extraordinary turnabout in events haven’t they?’

Johnson is thought to have been located in Kandahar at the time of the chat.

He then stares back at the screen, likely not to have heard his colleague’s question due to technical issues, and sighs, ‘This job, man. This job.’ He then walks out of the shot, before BBC News quickly returns to the studio.


Ley then addresses viewers while chuckling saying, ‘I think I’m right in saying that Dan didn’t hear my question – I don’t think he was upset by it. I think he lost the line, so apologies for that. We’ll try get Dan back a little later.’

Following his faux pas, Johnson himself has shared the clip on his Twitter to make light of the situation. He tweeted, ‘A good reminder – ALWAYS assume you are live on air, whatever goes wrong!’

He further explained what actually happened, writing:

Power cut broke the line from London so I couldn’t hear the presenter. Thought I’d been taken off air entirely but finished my answer and waited in case, either to allow them to realise and move on or for the sound to return. Thought I’d waited long enough… apparently not

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Discussing the challenges of the job, Johnson continued in a follow-up tweet, ‘I was filming with my iPhone, balancing on some cushions in front of the window having only just managed to get in the hotel room and make the connection in time after being locked out by a dodgy room card. As I said, a job with many challenges but always a privilege.’

Other journalists have since commented on Johnson’s tweet, expressing their empathy.

One person wrote, ‘Life of a TV reporter,’ while another person said, ‘Your words at the end of this two way speak for many a correspondent!’


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