Junior Doctor Shuts Down Piers Morgan’s Suggestion They’re Being Greedy


In the past few months, the junior doctors strike has arguably been the focal point of British news – and it is only fair to say that opinion across the country is divided. 

Back on Tuesday, nearly 22,000 junior doctors made history by staging the first all-out strike since the NHS launched in 1948.

Following the controversial move, one junior doctor, Dr Salwa Malik, appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss and debate her reasons for joining in the strike.


But it wasn’t long before Piers Morgan swooped in and, referring to government prejudice on the matter, asked:

We are being fed this line by the government all of the time, that this is about money, about how you guys want to squeeze that lemon out more and as a result, you are putting people’s lives at risk.

However Salwa was more than prepared for the question, and replied:

I knew you were going to ask me this question, so I brought along the contract. There are things I really hate about this.

This is discriminatory against women. I have highlighted all the points where they have actually stated where they’re discriminating against women.

Junior-doctor-shuts-down-Piers-Morgan-after-he-suggests-they-are-striking-for-more-money (1)ITV

As Salwa went onto list numerous points of how the contract is discriminatory to women, quoting the contract word by word; fellow doctor Adam Dalby, who was opposing Salwa’s original viewpoints, could not help but nod his head and agree that the contract is discriminatory in many ways.

Salwa referenced such thing as that speciality doctors who work in areas such as paediatrics are at a lesser advantage because they face more expensive childcare.

Earlier this week, another junior doctor, 33-year-old Ben White, resigned on Good Morning Britain.

The week prior he posted this open letter to Jeremy Hunt – highlighting the junior doctor argument:

Dr Salwa concluded her discussion on Good Morning Britain by arguing that there simply is not time to sit back, saying, ‘if we leave it any longer, we won’t be able to do anything!’