Kaley Cuoco Reveals Seriously Awkward Discovery Airport Security Made In Her Bag

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When travelling, airport security can be the one bane we all have and it appears celebrities share the annoyance too – in particularly The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco.


Penny… Sorry I mean Kaley, recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in America and divulged all about her recent summer travelling and the problems she encountered.

The revelations included how the star has watched The Big Bang Theory on flights and in particularly, a very awkward encounter when she was stopped by TSA at the airport.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Cuoco told host Jimmy when she travels with her partner Carl, he always seems to get stopped by security.


I don’t know about you but I can definitely relate! Even when you know you’ve packed carefully, separated all your liquids, you’ve taken off all your jewellery and belts, yet for some reason, you still get pulled aside.

‘Excuse me madame could you step to the side for a moment please’ I hear everytime I fly while I whisper in my head, ‘what now?’


Anyway, back to Kaley – the actress explained how regardless of her boyfriend always getting stopped, when the situation was reversed on her during a recent trip, the blonde bombshell feared she’d be unable to ever fly again.

Seems a bit drastic but it turns out the star was travelling with a weapon!

Not just any old weapon, a full on, normal sized, wine bottle opener – now I know handbags can cater for every eventuality possible – but carrying a wine opener seems a bit perculiar, but fair play if wine is her passion!

Kaley relived the encounter and told Jimmy:

We were travelling to Australia and Carl for some reason, my boyfriend, ends up getting the pat-down as we pass through security.

He’s so unassuming there is no reason he should be getting patted down.


Apparently Carl had given Kaley a warning before they embarked on the flight, even telling her:

Something bad is going to happen.

Cuoco ignored the ‘advice’ from Carl but was soon approached by a security guard who informed her she had something inside her purse.


Kaley continued:

She starts searching through and she pulls out a wine opener out of my purse. Like a real one. The one with arms. I was like, ‘oh my god, that’s a weapon.’

So in my bag I have all these little bags and she said that they need to go through all of them.

Laughing her way through her tale, Kaley revealed:

He takes out my make-up bag, I thought, ‘he won’t find anything in there’, I had a second wine opener in my make-up bag, I swear.

It was a tiny one, like somehow I’d subconsciously put it in there. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be on a no-fly list’.

I just like alcohol. I’m always quite prepared, I love my wine

Hmmmmmm, we all love wine Kaley but carrying a bottle opener with you seems a bit extreme!

Fair play to Cuoco though – she then went on to give Jimmy her reasoning for her love of wine.

She said it helps her find people a lot less annoying on flights – if I ever see her I’ll be sure not to ask for a selfie unless she’s got a bottle in hand!


Good ol’ Jimmy Kimmel – the host went on to explain how he finds the reverse true – people who drink on flights are in fact the annoying ones and he questioned whether Cuoco was simply a level of annoying above everyone else.

Away from travel and flying, the actress also revealed a few other stories.

One in particular about how she has a giant swing inside her house – even managaing to give a valid reason as to why she has one.


More importantly – especially if you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory like me, Penny, (sorry must stop from calling her Penny), Kaley shed some light on the news about the show coming to an end!

She said there would be a return to The Big Bang Theory despite all the talk of the successful show coming to an end! YAY!

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