Kate Winslet Reveals Idris Elba’s No.1 Fetish


I’m pretty sure plenty of men and women out there would pay a lot to know what Idris Elba’s number one fetish is, wouldn’t they?

Well, no money needs to exchange hands, because Kate Winslet revealed to everybody on The Graham Norton Show on Friday.

She discovered his fetish while filming their new movie, The Mountain Between Us.

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Kate laughed as she recalled how she’d completely stripped off ready to film a sex scene with Idris Elba, but revealed she had to keep her socks on because he ‘likes feet’.

Yes everybody, that’s it, he has a foot fetish it seems.

Kate said:

I had to get quite bossy. I’ve done quite a lot of these scenes before and poor Hany (Abu-Assad) was really quite nervous and had an extensive shot list and I thought, ‘We are never going to get this done’.

Idris was a bit nervous too and everything was moving a bit slowly so I just said, ‘Okay boys, this is what we are going to do…’ and we just got on with it.

We got naked but Idris asked me to keep my socks on – I thought he didn’t like feet but, it is the opposite, Idris loves feet!

The Luther actor confirmed Kate’s revelation as admitted he ‘has a thing for feet’.


Kate, talking about working on The Mountain Between Us said filming in the Rockies was ‘amazing’ and she ‘couldn’t wait to get there’, adding:

I was so excited. Can you imagine flying by helicopter to work in the morning? It was incredible.

Idris spoke about the sub-zero temperatures he and Kate endured while they were filming and said he’d hinted to the director about a change of location, revealing:

The director was very clear from the beginning how cold it would be. I kept saying, ‘Jamaica’s got mountains. Why don’t we just go there?’ but he wasn’t having any of that!

20th Century Fox

He also said of the -38°C temperatures:

Don’t try and take a pee… there is a lot of steam and then frozen crystals… bing, bing, bing!

You have to put everything away very quickly!

When asked about his early career aspirations, Idris continued:

I originally wanted to be a radio DJ. I wanted to be like Chris Tarrant. I love him. He was the man.

Him and all those other guys on radio had such rich voices and I just wanted to do that. When I was about 13 I got my first gig on hospital radio. It was lovely but the shout-outs were a bit weird.

20th Century Fox

While Kate revealed how she’d considered becoming a hairdresser before embarking on an incredibly successful acting career:

I thought about being a hairdresser and once tried cutting my own hair with paper scissors which wasn’t a great idea.

When I was a bit older an old family friend agreed to me doing his hair and I inadvertently cut off a bit of his ear! It was just a little nick. It was really, really small but I remember it falling to the ground.

It turned out to be his claim to fame! Lucky man!