Kevin Hart Claims Dwayne Johnson Stole The Rock Nickname

by : Lucy Connolly on : 29 May 2019 20:26
Kevin Hart claims he's the real rockkevinhart4real/therock/Instagram

If I were to ask you which two celebs are embroiled in a viral ‘feud’ at the moment, I’d bet a tenner on the fact that you’d choose Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

There’s no two ways about it; there has never been and never will be a celebrity friendship as entertaining as those two – and if you think otherwise, you’re wrong.


For a brief moment last year though, the pair were given a bit of friendly competition in the form of Kevin Hart and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and their media sparring has continued.

Kevin Hart Responds To The Rock's Photoshop With His Own PictureSony Pictures

If you’re drawing a blank and don’t have a clue what I’m going on about, let me refresh your memory of when The Rock hilariously posted a photoshopped picture of Hart’s face on his newborn baby, writing an *ahem* adorable poem alongside it.

From there, a photoshop war of sorts erupted, resulting in Hart responding in similar fashion, followed by The Rock telling Hart he’s adopted in an Instagram post, followed by, well, more digs at each other. Sorry, the list is just too long to continue.


All was quiet for a while, leading many to wonder whether the pair had simply kissed and made up. That is, until this week, when Hart accused Johnson of stealing his nickname. You know, the one that’s literally synonymous with his name and everyone knows him by? And the one which Johnson earned when he made his WWF debut as Rocky Maivia? Yeah, that one.

Hart made the revelation to TMZ earlier this week:

Approached by a reporter and asked when he’s going to ‘get a nickname like The Rock’s,’ the comedian/actor simply replied saying, ‘it is already’.


When asked what he means, Hart responds:

The Rock. Yeah, I’ve been The Rock. You guys just didn’t know that, he stole my name. I don’t know where the f*ck he is but he took my name. You’ve got to tell everybody that he took my name.

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I’m sorry Kev, but I just can’t imagine you as The Rock when I’ve got the actual Rock in my head. A pebble, perhaps? Or maybe a stone? Something tells me we don’t need to worry about the two friends falling out proper anytime soon though, as this all just seems like an elaborate joke on Hart’s part.

Either that or we’re about to witness the most entertaining fight in WWE history and the winner gets to keep the name? I know I’d pay to see it.


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