Kids From ‘Outnumbered’ Grew Up And Apparently People Can’t Handle It

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This phrase does get tossed around a lot, but you really won’t believe what the kids from Outnumbered look like now.

The Brockman kids Karen, Ben and Jake, played by Ramona Marquez, Daniel Roche and Tyger Drew-Honey, grew up in the public eye over the years, but what do the child stars look like now, two years after the final series aired?


Well, a lot has happened since the show debuted on BBC back in 2007, when the kids were only six, seven and 11.

But what you probably would have never guessed is that because time is a thing, they’ve done a lot of growing up and look very different now.

A new picture of the trio is doing the rounds on Twitter and people really can’t handle it:

Tyger, 20, Daniel, 16, and Ramona, 15, can be seen standing together in the pic and it seems Daniel has shot up in his adolescence and is now taller than both of his former-co stars, while Ramona has completely changed from her days as the overly inquisitive Karen.

And because this is 2016, everyone was losing their shit about the ‘sudden’ change:

But, like anything on the Internet, people soon started taking the piss:

Some people just stated the obvious:

While others just simply didn’t care:

Who’d have thought that people look different as they get older? Almost everyone, apparently.