Killer Clown TV Interview Reignites Piers Morgan And Lord Sugar Feud

by : UNILAD on : 11 Oct 2016 13:30

This is the moment Piers Morgan utterly lost his shit earlier this morning when speaking to three pranksters who had dressed up as clowns in the wake of ‘killer clown’ epidemic. 


Alongside members of the Trollstation group, and Peter Bleksley of Scotland Yard, Piers went to town on the trio telling them that what they were doing was simply not funny, reports The Sun.

killer clown gets bottled in londonkiller clown comes to the wrong area….gets bottled

Posted by TrollStation on Saturday, 8 October 2016

Twitter users quickly reacted.

Some claimed that Piers had given the pranksters no time to defend their actions and spent the majority of the interview talking over them…


Others, however, doused Piers in support…

As if things couldn’t get any more heated – Piers’ age-old arch nemesis, Lord Alan Sugar, waded in on the action, tweeting Good Morning Britain calling Morgan ‘the biggest clown’.


Shots fired.

Trollstation have been quick to respond to the whole furore in a video posted on their Facebook page this evening, featuring a shout out to Lord Sugar and the new series of The Apprentice:

Contestants attacks other candidates in this years apprenticeThe apprentice is going to be crazy this year.. He slapped them with a plate ??

Posted by TrollStation on Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The ‘killer clown’ trend began circulating on social media just a matter of weeks ago in the southern states of America, but before long it had gone global with ‘copycat’ sightings propping up everywhere from London to Manchester and in Australia too – sometimes even armed with weapons.

Now pranksters are waging in on the surge, filming themselves taking to the streets dressed as clowns and scaring people shitless.


The most recent sighting was in Manchester’s Cheetham Hill where two clowns were seen holding a Machete.

Thames Valley Police revealed officers had been called to 14 incidents in less than 24 hours over the weekend, and demanded an abrupt end to the craze.

It is thought that some inspiration for the craze comes from Horror novelist Stephen King who wrote the novel It which features evil jester Pennywise as a monster preying on children.



No matter where you stand on the ‘killer clown’ fuckfest that’s going on at the minute – one thing is certain, it’s gotten way out of hand.

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    ROUND TWO! The Apprentice’s Lord Sugar reignites bitter feud with Piers Morgan dubbing him ‘the biggest clown’