Killer Sofa Gets Most Ridiculous First Look Trailer Ever

Killer Sofa Horror MovieHigh Octane Pictures

There are few items of furniture in the home more comforting than the sofa; a squishy refuge for binge watching or simply zoning out after a day trying to get comfortable on your crappy office chair.

Now a marvellously daft looking B movie has arrived to ensure you will never again feel quite at ease when snuggled up on your settee with a cuppa.

Killer Sofa looks bonkers in the best possible way. And, I have to be honest, the first look trailer kind of freaked me out a bit. I mean, imagine your armchair developing a thirst for blood and stomping around your house? I wouldn’t be able to take it on.

The first thing you have to know is that this film focuses on a killer La-Z-Boy recliner chair, not an actual sofa as the title might suggest. Indeed, the original title was supposed to be My Lover, My Lazy Boy which, admittedly doesn’t quite pack the same punch.

I feel the sofa/chair distinction is important, as a chair would obviously do a much better job of creeping about after its human prey than a clunky old sofa which would probably struggle to push its way out of the living room door.

Killer Sofa is the brainchild of filmmaker Bernardo Rao (The Baldlands), and like many horror movies it focuses on themes of obsession and death, invasion and interrupted domesticity.

However, unlike literally every other horror movie ever made, this is a tale about an armchair which develops a ferocious infatuation with a woman called Francesca.

Killer Sofa Horror MovieHigh Octane Pictures

As reported by Movieweb, the plot follows Francesca as she comes to terms with the death of her stalker.

However, poor Francesca’s problems are only just beginning, with a saggy old armchair becoming completely fixated by her. The anthropomorphic armchair in question is discovered by Francesca’s best friend Maxi’s grandfather, a disgraced rabbi by the name of Jack.

Turns out, Jack should have just nipped down to Ikea, and it soon emerges that the creepy chair is possessed by a Dybbuk, a malicious spirit thought by some to be the dislocated spirit of a dead person.

The malevolent La-Z-Boy – which can be seen strolling around with ease in the trailer – begins to commit crimes and passion on her behalf. It quickly becomes evident that Francesca needs to break off this destructive relationship sharpish.

Killer Sofa Horror MovieHigh Octane Pictures

According to Movieweb, Killer Sofa doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date, but will be released this October just in time for a good, old-fashioned Halloween jump scare.

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