Kiosk Keith Reportedly Fired From I’m A Celeb For Inappropriate Behaviour

by : UNILAD on : 06 Jan 2018 13:30

Kiosk Keith, the unlikely sex symbol known for his silence on I’m a Celebrity, has reportedly been fired from the ITV show.


The kiosk dwelling Aussie, real name Raymond, was accused of inappropriate behaviour on the set of the reality TV show.

ITV bosses confirmed on Friday that they have no plans to bring back the jungle’s shopkeeper.

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A show spokesperson told HuffPost UK:


[Kiosk Keith actor Raymond Grant] is no longer under contract on the show. There are no plans for him to return this year.

Fans of the show did wonder where Kiosk Keith had gone during last year’s series when he went AWOL during one episode.

However hosts Ant and Dec confirmed that the Aussie shopkeeper was just ill and had been temporarily replaced by female counterpart Kiosk Kath.


The biggest surprise of the series was when former campmate, Amir Khan, managed to get a smile out of the notoriously surly jungle trader, who even a mumbled a few – yet still audible – words.

Catching the Bigfoot-esque phenomenon on film, 31-year-old Amir messed around in front of the camera, saying:

Right guys, we’ve got someone here that you want to see, Kiosk Keith.

I want to see them legs with those squats you’ve been doing.

Miraculously, a smile rose up from beneath his iconic moustache and Keith even offered a brief, faint greeting to his legions of adoring fans.


It’s like seeing the sun break from underneath a grey, hairy storm cloud. I for one wouldn’t be surprised if we saw snow fall in the I’m A Celeb jungle after this incident…

One person commented:

omg I can’t believe this guy smiles!

While another declared:

It’s a Christmas miracle!


However, some people felt like this encounter ruined the mysterious allure of the jungle man, with one person lamenting, ‘knowing what he sounds like ruins the magic’.

I guess it doesn’t matter anymore since we won’t be seeing him again anyway!

Keith is moving onto writing raunchy literature, potentially entitled ’50 Shades of Kiosk Keith’.

Speaking with The Sun, Kiosk Keith’s ex-wife Donna discussed a raunchy new book, which will put Kinky Keith at the centre:


They’re talking about some book, some 50 Shades of Kiosk Keith.

Donna joked about the saucy shack dweller’s sexual prowess:

[He said] Make sure you tell them I’m a good lover, I don’t care what else you tell them, just make sure you tell them I’m good in the cot.

I told him I wasn’t going to say that because he told me to only tell the truth so I couldn’t say that.

It’s not clear what happened with Kiosk Keith, but it could result in the loss of many of his fans.

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