Kiosk Keith’s Ex Reveals His Surprising Past


I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’s most mysterious star Kiosk Keith has a rather surprising past – and to start with, he’s not even called Keith.

Yeah, I know.

Kiosk Keith, who has appeared on the show since 2013, is actually a 52-year-old builder – called Raymond – and  he doesn’t get paid a penny for being on camera, writes the Sun.


Dad-of-four Raymond is actually a set builder who has helped create the jungle camp with his handy work since the show started back in 2002.

His ex-wife, Donna, spoke out about her famous former husband and revealed his identity for the first time.

She said to The Sun Online:

He just thinks it’s funny. It’s just a joke. As far as he’s concerned he’s an average father who goes to work, does Kiosk Keith and goes home.


Donna revealed how Keith found fame unexpectedly after working in production.

She said:

Raymond was employed in the art department – he was just a labourer and he’d done gardening and put the plants in the ground and helped build the backdrops to the some of the scenes and stuff.

When they brought Kiosk Keith in as a character, they offered him the part. So he just doesn’t do Kiosk Keith, he still works as a labourer out there too.

They just get him on screen when they need him to do the shack. They will radio him and say, ‘Look, we’re doing the shack now, come up’.

And he goes up and does Kiosk Keith. And then he goes back to work.

According to Donna, Raymond sometimes works extra hours on top of his 12 hour days to make his regular appearances on the show – and said he doesn’t get paid anything extra for his Kiosk Keith cameos.

Donna said:

He has to stay back sometimes to do some of the games for Kiosk Keith – that’s time when he should be at home.

He’s not getting paid the kind of money he should be getting paid for Kiosk Keith – Kiosk Keith’s huge.

Last week, fans were incensed when Keith’s absence was revealed, due to sickness, during filming – revealing just how much people really do love their silent Aussie merchant.

When Keith’s spot was replaced for the night with Kiosk Kath, fans weren’t happy (understatement) and they took to the echo chamber of Twitter to make sure people knew about it.

One person wrote: ‘Kiosk Kath will NEVER be able to replace the king that is Kiosk Keith.’

Another added:

Replacing Kiosk Keith with Kiosk Kath is almost as bad as replacing the Aunt Bessie’s advert with the tombola one.

Whoever he truly is, Kiosk Keith is an absolute legend in his own right.