Kit Harington Reveals What To Expect From Game Of Thrones’ Next Season


Spoilers ahead. If you’re not already caught up with Game of Thrones, we’ve warned you.


Jon Snow knows a thing or two about things being very bleak – from having the love of his life die in his arms to literally dying himself, he hasn’t had the best of times.

So when Kit Harington says season seven is about to get pretty dark, we better pay close attention.

While it definitely had its miserable parts, season six ended pretty optimistically – Arya got her sight back, Ramsay and the High Sparrow were killed, Jon and Sansa reclaimed the North, and Samwell Tarly finally made it to the Citadel. Sure, over 30 major characters may have died in the process, but it all signed off pretty well, all things considered.

But that’s all about to change in the show’s seventh season, apparently.


In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Kit said:

I think it’s going to get very bleak before if there is a happy ending. If there’s any sort of win or heroic moment for Jon and everyone else. I think it’s going to get very dark before it gets better. I think what we might see this season is those White Walkers and that Army of the Dead really come into force.

So that’s going to be exciting to see. I don’t know what it means. I think with the whole ‘winter is finally here’ business, it means everyone is going to have a really bad time.

Kit was quick to point out though that he hasn’t read any scripts, so it’s all guess work.


Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark, on the other hand, did read the scripts. And she says it’s going to blow our fucking minds.

Maisie took to Twitter to announce she’d finished reading the script for season seven, and she’s got a brighter outlook on the future of Westoros:

I mean, it definitely sounds like something big is going to happen, but whether or not it’s good or bad is yet to be seen. So, as Kit has predicted, it may actually be pretty bleak.

And considering Jon Snow has been and will remain one of the most important characters in Game of Thrones, he probably has a good idea of where the storyline is going.