Kit Harrington Revealed Jon Snow’s Fate To The Police For Most Ridiculous Reason


Jon Snow may be the most honourable character in Westeros but it turns out the actor who plays him, Kit Harrington, isn’t always so virtuous. 

In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the 29-year-old admitted to the host that he wasn’t the best at keeping the fate of Jon Snow a secret, despite being sworn to silence.

The British star broke his oath to the show’s producers telling his parents, his girlfriend and most outrageously of all a policeman, who he told to avoid a speeding ticket!


He told Jimmy:

This policeman comes up and pulls me over… and he said, ‘Look, there is two ways we can do this. You can either follow me back to the police station now and I book you in, or you can tell me whether you live in the next series of Game of Thrones‘.

So I looked at him and I went, ‘I’m alive next season,’ and he goes, ‘On your way, Lord Commander. Keep your speed down this side of the wall’.


While everyone’s favourite bastard may have avoided a ‘stark’ warning he did admit that keeping the secret led to other problems.

Specifically he couldn’t tell them that he wasn’t dead and that meant a lot of the actors, especially those at Castle Black, were worried they might lose their jobs.

This meant his poor friends were worried if they were going to end up out in the cold. What a ‘bastard’!

We knew that corruption was everywhere in Westeros but it seems it’s even affecting the real world…