Landlord Who Offers ‘Sex For Rent’ Reveals One Type Of Person He Turns Down

by : UNILAD on : 17 Apr 2018 14:29

An unnamed landlord who offers ‘arrangements’ to consenting adults appeared on This Morning today, (April 17), revealing he offers free accommodation to females in exchange for sexual favours.


The landlord in question appeared on the ITV show with his back turned to the cameras, and was interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield after they’d introduced a new investigation, which had unearthed the fact 250,000 women in Britain are being offered free or discounted rent in exchange for sexual favours.

While sexual favours are part of the arrangement he offers, he claims he wants someone to share his ‘fantastic life’ with, and insists he’s ‘not a pervert’.

Check out his interview below:

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One dark segment of the interview came when the anonymous man revealed he often had young girls offering sexual favours in return for free accommodation.

Specifically, he said:

There are a lot of 15, 16, 17-year-olds who contact me on a regular basis [but I’m not interested].

He went on to say he typically puts them onto social services.


Giving an insight into what he offers, the man explained: 

I’m seeking an arrangement. I’m very honest in what I say. I’m very forward and honest and don’t tell lies.

I’ve been married and I have a family, but I find modern day relationships don’t work and if they do, they only work for a short period of time. Most females lie. Most men and women lie. They’re working to an agenda.

I offer them a life, more than a fully stocked fridge. They’re still in touch with me. I’m not a pervert – it’s an arranged relationship. I have a fantastic life and I just want to share it.

However Holly then claimed part of the ‘arrangement’ was against the law, saying:


Does it bother you that you are breaking the law. When someone offers accommodation in return for sex, they are inciting causing another person to have sex in return for payment, a breach of the sexual offence act provides a maximum sentence of seven years.


Yet the guest was quick to jump in, adding:

You can’t lock me away. I’m doing nothing wrong. It’s an arrangement between two adult human beings.

I’m not looking for a sixteen-year-old, an eighteen-year-old, I want someone of my own age. I’m not looking for somebody that’s vulnerable, and if somebody is vulnerable, I wouldn’t be interested.

I’m not offering free accommodation, it’s just a part of it, it’s just a very, very small part of it. I’m offering a life more than anything.

I’m offering an opportunity to improve your life. If it was the other way round and someone gave me the same opportunity, I’d grasp it with both hands.

What’s your opinion on the anonymous man’s deal?

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