Larry The Cable Guy’s Southern Accent Is Actually Fake

Larry The Cable GuyHistory Channel

Larry The Cable Guy is an old staple of American comedy, but it turns out that his strangely entrancing Southern accent is a big fat fake.

Next you’ll be telling me he’s not called Larry. What? He’s not called Larry?… Is nothing sacred anymore?

He’s actually called Dan Whitney, and he’s actually from Nebraska, not Southern at all.

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The popular comedian and voice of Mater in Cars revealed this unbelievable truth in an interview on In Depth With Graham Bensinger:

I can get into it easily, I’m a linguist chameleon.

I’ll go to Wisconsin and talk with my cousin, next thing you know two things later I’m talking like I’m from Sorona, Wisconsin because all my cousins talk like that… I just pick stuff up.

Larry The Cable GuyPixar

To be fair, it’s credit to how well he’s integrated with his character to create this public perception of himself.

Not everyone can do that…can they?

I still feel betrayed though.

Larry The Cable GuyIn Depth With Graham Bensinger

‘Larry’, (I’m still calling him Larry), continued:

I’m a country kid, I’m a cow kid, I’m a livestock kid, I’m a horse guy.

I picked it up in Georgia when I went to college. I can turn it on and turn it off any time I want. It’s not a big deal to me.

If you were my buddy Brad right now, he talks like this [in a Southern accent] 24 hours a day. I’d talk to him like that, neither one of us would think anything of it, that’s just how we do it.


This is like when I found out McNulty from The Wire was actually English.

There’s something really offensive to the ears when you hear someone talk in an accent you didn’t expect them to have.

Some people are just too good at them I guess.