Leah Remini Says Tom Cruise Yelled At Her For ‘Not Doing Enough’ For Scientology

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Leah Remini Says Tom Cruise Yelled At Her For 'Not Doing Enough' For ScientologyPA Images

Leah Remini recently sat down with Louis Theroux for his Grounded podcast to discuss how Scientology impacted her life. Interestingly, the actress also discussed a confrontation with Tom Cruise. 

Theroux has exposed the odd practices of Scientology in the past, through his 2015 film My Scientology Movie, and he discussed the organisation with former member Leah Remini, who is now well known for speaking out against the practice.


The actress provided insight into what it was like to grow up within the new age religion; though she was quick to dispel the myth that Scientology is a ‘Hollywood religion,’ she did discuss how other actors within the cult had treated her during her membership and subsequent departure.

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While part of the Church of Scientology, the The King of Queens star explained to Theroux how Tom Cruise ‘basically yelled at us and told us we’re not doing enough’. Speaking on Grounded, she claimed that Tom Cruise was angry that she, Jenna Elfman and Giovanni Ribisi were not bringing in more celebrities to the church.

Another incident, at the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, led to Remini’s own decision to leave the church. The actress claimed that she brought Jenifer Lopez as a guest to the event, but they were told not to sit together. After enquiring why she had been separated from her guest, Remini was said to have been ‘punished’.


After leaving Scientology, it seems other actors who are in the religion were keen to distance themselves from Remini. This included an incident where Elisabeth Moss, a Scientologist, apparently left the room when Remini won an Emmy.

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Remini remembered cases where she had been avoided by members of the church:

I’ve been in Chelsea Handler’s home, where Laura Prepon [Orange Is the New Black star and Scientologist] was there and saw me and literally ran away from me. This is the kind of thing that goes on.


The testimony of Remini adds to the long list of strange behaviour that has reportedly been conducted by the group. However, the Church of Scientology has protested the claims and hit back at the podcast.

In a statement, the church told the Grounded podcast: ‘The entire podcast you are presenting is a fraud… the claims that are being made are false – the claims cannot be substantiated, since nothing that is alluded to ever happened… There is a real story of Scientology and it is a magnificent story.’

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