Leaked Clip Shows What Really Happened With Honey G X-Factor Crashers



Unless you live under a rock or have an actual life, you’ll probably be aware that Honey G’s live set on X Factor tonight was crashed. 

As the greatest rapper since Tupac stood to receive the judge’s feedback after her rendition of MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This, she was pounced upon by three men.

Everyone understandably lost their sh*t as the men were escorted off by security.

Even the show’s captain Simon Cowell was surprised by the incident, and thought it was part of the routine.

As soon as the invasion was over, he apologised saying: “I’m so sorry about that, are you ok?”

Fans of the show, as they always do, were quick to claim it was a huge set up and a massive fix.

But the truth is, it wasn’t a fix.

The stage invasion was pulled off by notorious YouTube pranksters Trollstation. And if you haven’t heard of them yet, you probably will soon. They get around.

We spoke to Light, the man who stormed the stage, to get the truth behind the prank that shocked millions.

Light told UNILAD: 

Honey G was getting so much hate and it was vicious, it shouldn’t be.

We just wanted to bring entertainment and make X Factor relevant again.

We were initially planning to dress as police and arrest her for impersonating a rapper, but that didn’t go to plan. We just wanted to make it light-hearted.


Despite many media outlets claiming Honey G was ‘shaken’ by the incident, Light assured us she dealt with it like a trooper.

He explained: 

As soon as I got up to her, I said ‘don’t worry, you’re my favourite, this is just a prank.’

She was surprised by it obviously, but she wasn’t scared.

And that begs the question: what happens to you after you’ve just stormed an X Factor live show? Well it turns out, not much.

Light said: 

They questioned us but we didn’t get detained. Police were called but said they can’t do anything about it. They even forgot to ban us from coming back.

And don’t expect Trollstation to fade into obscurity like Lee Nelson did after he crashed Kanye’s Glasto set. They have big plans for the future.

We tackle big issues (in our videos) such as domestic violence and bullying.

After four years of hard work, we’re going to do a world tour and will be in India from February.


So, there we have it, the truth behind Honey G’s stage invasion.

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