Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian Doppelganger Appears In Brilliant Vodka Ad

by : UNILAD on : 08 Jul 2016 13:04

How famous do you have to be so that your lookalikes actually become famous too? Leonardo DiCaprio level fame seems to be about right, as his Russian doppelganger is now an actor too. 


Appearing on an advert for Vodka (because Russia…), Roman Burtsev, who became famous after going viral earlier this year, sits in a fake BMW with a photograph of real Leo attached to his interior mirror, reports Hollywood Reporter.


Why is he driving in a fake BMW? And why is wearing a fake Adidas tracksuit, and holding a fake i-Phone, next to a fake girlfriend, and being, himself, a fake Leo? Well a voice over explains all as the camera pans out over the picturesque horizon.

Everything is fake. That is, besides Five Lake Vodka.

leo2-1leo2-1Gazetaru / Instagram

Besides acting in mainstream adverts as a fake Leonardo DiCaprio, Roman has a full time job as a technical support officer, but apparently in the aftermath of his viral status Roman has been offered his own reality TV show. Why? Because the world is mad.

The show is broadcast on Moskva 24, and apparently follows, 33-year-old, Burtsev as producers attempt to transform him a Hollywood star too.

If only I looked like a somebody…


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    Leonardo DiCaprio's Russian Look-Alike Featured in Vodka Ad