Lethal Bizzle Wants Top Gear Job Because ‘I Have More Bants’

by : UNILAD on : 11 Jul 2016 14:48
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Grime artist, rapper and perpetual badass, Lethal Bizzle, has announced that he would just love to be the new presenter of the revamped version of Top Gear – but his reason why is even better.


But before I tell you what he said, let’s just remind ourselves of what happened last week.

Seven days ago, in an incredibly morbid tweet, Chris Evans’ announced he was ‘stepping down’ from Top Gear due to abysmal ratings which peaked at a record low for the show’s finale, reports the Daily Star.


And how could Mr Bizzle bring Top Gear back from the dead? Well in his own words: ‘I have more bants than Chris’.


Let him have it. We have found our new petrol headed saviour. A leader. The messiah. The king of bants.

The ‘Fester Skank’ singer added:

No one really likes change, I think they did an OK job but I would have been an better presenter than Chris Evans. The first few episode you could really tell Chris wasn’t used to it, the thing is you have got to have bants – it’s a car show but it needs bants.

[Top Gear needs] to relate to a younger audience you need people who they respect and can relate to. It’s a well known fact that I’m a big fan of cars.

I’ll bring a total different energy to the show. If I keep making noise about it you never know.

Why stop at Top Gear? We need a leader of Britain as a whole and Prime Minister Bizzle would more than likely do a better job than the farce of borderline resignations we’ve got at the minute.

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