Lilly Wachowski Reveals Why She’s Not Involved With The Matrix 4


Lilly Wachowski Reveals Why She's Not Involved With The Matrix 4Warner Bros./Lilly Wachowski/Twitter

While both Lilly and Lana Wachowski wrote The Matrix trilogy, only Lana has returned for the fourth instalment.

Many have been wondering why Lilly chose not to take part in the upcoming sequel, and she’s now revealed why she chose not to be part of it.


Lilly came out as transgender in 2016, and, after working on Cloud Atlas (2012) and Jupiter Ascending (2015), she explained that she was ‘exhausted’.

When asked why she wasn’t part of The Matrix 4 during a Television Critics Association Summer Tour virtual panel for her Showtime series Work in Progress, Lilly said, ‘That’s a tough one. I got out of my transition and was just completely exhausted because we had made Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending, and the first season of Sense8 back-to-back-to-back.’

Lilly Wachowski (Lilly Wachowski/Twitter)Lilly Wachowski/Twitter

She continued:


We were posting one, and prepping the other at the exact same time. So you’re talking about three 100-plus days of shooting for each project, and so, coming out and just being completely exhausted, my world was like, falling apart to some extent even while I was like, you know, cracking out of my egg. So I needed this time away from this industry. I needed to reconnect with myself as an artist and I did that by going back to school and painting and stuff.

In light of her transition and the passing of both her parents in a short period of time, Lilly further explained that the idea of working on The Matrix again was ‘unappealing’.

Lilly said, as per Entertainment Weekly, ‘[Lana] had come up with this idea for another Matrix movie, and we had this talk, and it was actually — we started talking about it in between [our] dad dying and [our] mom dying, which was like five weeks apart, and there was something about the idea of going backward and being a part of something that I had done before that was expressly unappealing.’

The Matrix Keanu Reeves Neo (Warner Bros.)Warner Bros.

‘And, like, I didn’t want to have gone through my transition and gone through this massive upheaval in my life, the sense of loss from my mom and dad, to want to go back to something that I had done before, and sort of [walk] over old paths that I had walked in, felt emotionally unfulfilling, and really the opposite — like I was going to go back and live in these old shoes, in a way. And I didn’t want to do that,’ Lilly continued.

While she isn’t working on The Matrix 4 with her sister, Lilly didn’t dismiss the idea of working on future projects with Lana.

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    Lilly Wachowski explains why she's not involved with Matrix 4: 'That's a tough one'

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